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How We Got Started

Ideas to reality!! Sounds easy but a pretty tough thing to make happen. "bootees" is nothing but a random name that came up to an young entrepreneur's mind while he was driving the roads of city of joy. He wanted to start something which will benefit people and Worth spending on.  But what? And why? 
The most common wear that we will end up finding in any wardrobe be it a teen-ager or an office going responsible man is a T-Shirt.  So T-SHIRTS.
 But how?
Many brands are already there to give the best-est quality of T-shirts in the Trendiest form. 
But "bootees" stands out from all of them. It brings you not only the best quality fabric but also comes up with variety of quotes that's suits your unique personality. 
YOUTAKE CLOTHINGS deals with the best quality Tshirts made from best quality fabric available in the market and all products are checked numerous times to make a value-for-money end product. The aim here is to provide or make T-shirts that would not only fit your pocket but also to give you the comfort at the best price. We have T- shirts starting from ₹599 to ₹799 with variety of colors and quotes . Our R&D team with a deep knowledge of market and research is engaged 24x7 to make the product available in the competitive market of T-shirts in India. Discount Coupons, Season Sales, Special Day Sales and many more attractive offers that makes our bond with the customer stronger and stronger day by day. 
Our Tagline: -
"bootees nahi toh naya nahi"
"Time to dump your old Tshirt:
Which automatically means we bring newest fashion and make sure it looks good on you.  So far we have had lot of feedbacks from the customers from different background which says "bootees t-shirts are different" than any other brand available in the country. 
We hope you know enough about us. 
You might be wondering what different
So the best thing you can do is give your skin the fabric it deserves. Get yourself a bootees